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Providing the enterprise in Istanbul Municipality, the ability to be rented to the most suitable requirements of the Palace, which accepts the most appropriate requirements and to rent the most appropriate terms of the palace.

Even during the use of the palace in the fourth article, the officers and servants who will work in the hotel and gazinos are the hazel Turkish, but the general manager is permitted to be a foreigner.

When the Sultan Third Murad Han;) IR evening went to Sinan Pasha Pavilion “Bîmârum O ECEL, wait tonight, wait tonight, two Kadırga from Alexandria, with Three Pare ball shots with three pare ball shots. What the wisdom, the pencil of the poultry that is not broken from the ball shot of much larger castles, it had been shattered that night. On top of that, the sultan eyes are elderly “This is our last development. While the ball shots of the whole Naval is not breaking the windows, they are now falling with the gathering of these grips. I see that my presence of my existence is now ruined. ” he said.

The ‘Nasreddin Hoca’ published in the first years of the Republic has submitted a Cartoon with a Cartoon in the Humor Journal of the Star Casino to the Star Casino.

The hero of the journal speaks Nasreddin Hoda (left) to the caught cumbler. If under the cartoon; “Kumarcıbaşıkbaşı on the Star to the court because it is owed to four side

is withdrawn. ” are writing. Kumarcıbaşı: I’m on hundred hundreds like Kumarcı, they didn’t make the sound of a full pinchedue, while they’re giving me to the court as well. Here’s my mind that my mind is Yahu. HOCA: Çelebi, to give the account of the mixed jobs such as Arabian hair, then the quickest of the quick reason. In the back, the “Meantic Court” on the right plate on the right is between the two flags on the left, “Hand-named essential,” (the basis of justice property)

“Star Casino, Turkey has taken a terrible disaster and a vortex state for capital and economical situation of. The rumors and teens around this institutional-i format and the teesis are also mucib the government is immediately mobilized to extinguish this Muzın furnace. Without passing a year, a single-Sen January will not be left in Istanbul. Some of the preparations from Anatolia to Istanbul are also returning to the press of a period of annual employment in the miserable shabby. Binain Aleyh Avoğcud You are asking for the disclaimer of the disclaimer of the stubby, which he thinks against this institution that he thinks about this institution. 25 Discharges-i Sani 1926. Sinop Mekusi ReceB Zühdi “

With the rich customers brought from Europe, Istanbul Society in Gazino, which was filled with the rich customers, Istanbul society was in the morning of drinks and gambling until the morning.

Operating from the documents, the Star Palace was the operation as Gazino and Casino, August 1926 continued to be a year from September 1927, and then the state has canceled the covenant on a commitment of public pressure and commitment in the Gazino gate.

During the cancellation of this Convention, some bank owners and managers were found to be in the casino. One of the shareholders whose notification was sent to Hidiv Bank Manager Şaban Bey and the share of himself in 17 August 1927

However, the Hidid Bank Manager Şaban Bey went to Ankara so that the casino was not closed and tried to persuade the government. However, in the response to be forwarded to him from Ankara: “The Star Casino is an institution we are in the decision to close, whatever it costs to close our Bahemehal. It was called Muvafik, saying this resban Bey says offending the banks from the associate (partnership) of their banks.

In the basis of Mario Serra, the Star Palace Mn is a complex consisting of Gazino, Casino, Dance Halls, Tennis Field, Golf Club and Riding Sites, and then open the Ciragan Palace in the same way. However, the people’s response to the questions of the MPs in the TBMM and finally, the suicide of a Turkish officer in the Gazino gate, and the right of the Gazinone was taken from the company. The company first gave the state to the court, but lost the court. Thus, the star palace has been saved from continuing as casino and Gazino.

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