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This stork, a migratory bird, is one of those who seek their share in Uluabat.

Tirilye Reflection reflected in the sea is the return of light rays by hitting the shiny surfaces in front of them. According to classical physics, light rays move along the right path in a transparent medium. When a non-transparent object comes in front of them, they cannot continue on their way and return partially or completely. The smoother and brighter this object is, the higher the ratio of the returning rays.

Reflections in the water This photo is from a park that provides the city with plenty of oxygen. The Soğanlı Botanical Park, which combines the plain and the city with rich examples of natural life culture, is a park that is open to herbal research and scientific studies as well as forming the border that will protect the fertile Bursa plain with its 400,000 m2 area.

A life accustomed to water The people of Bursa live in peace with water. At his first opportunity, he takes his breath by the water. The most frequent destination is, of course, Mudanya, which is the closest seaside to the city center. They breathe there, they relax there.

A love story written on water * Leyla and Kays (Mecnun’s real name) fell in love with each other during their primary school years. Hearing this love that spreads everywhere in a short time, her mother takes Leyla from school and forbids her to meet with Kays. Destroyed by the pain of separation, Kays begins to be called Mecnun among the people. Many people tell Mecnun, who falls into deserts because of this love, to forget Leyla; However, her universe now consists of Leyla and she never gives up on this love. In fact, his father takes him to the Kaaba to pray to Allah to get rid of this trouble; on the contrary, he prays for his troubles to escalate. Both Leyla’s and Mecnun’s situations get more and more miserable. Leyla, married to someone else, makes up a story to keep her away from her husband, and after a while the man dies. Meanwhile, Mecnun is in the desert and kneaded with the pain of a thousand and one veils of love, while all connection with the world is cut off and he becomes alive only with his soul. Leyla’s relationship with all material assets, including her body, is over. One day, Leyla finds him in the desert, but Mecnun does not recognize him and says “Leyla is in me, who are you?” he says. Leyla, who realizes the rank she reached, goes and dies after a while. After that, Mecnun says goodbye to life, so his souls experience the true reunion. * Excerpt from the Story of Leyla and Mecnun.

Gökdere, whose roads fall into the “water”, is in the heart of the city and continues to decorate Setbaşı for centuries. Anyone who wants to absorb Bursa in one breath is running in Gökdere during morning sports. It spends minutes with water. There are sports equipment in Gökdere, where green areas, walking paths and children’s playgrounds are built on both sides with rehabilitation projects.

“Photograph of the photo” by the water One of the most basic concepts to be known in basic photography is the more common use of exposure time and shutter speed or shutter speed.

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The authors not only commented on Sumer’s 1987 study, The White Sheep, but also considered it appropriate to include it in the Sources and Research section. It should be noted that M.X. After Yınanç’s research on the Aghgoyunlus, F. Sumer’s research in this field was distinguished by its fullest and deepest content on the political history of the Aghgoyunlus. It should be noted that the authors did not even refer to the monograph of S. Ershahi, one of the most successful studies on the socio-economic and political history of the Aghgoyunlu state in Turkish history in recent years, and did not even include it in the bibliography. Looking at the “Sources and Research” section of the monograph, the reader seems to think that this monograph is the first study written in Turkish historiography on the socio-political history of the White Sheep State. 3. I.Erdem and K.Paydash did not use the monographs and generalized works published in Azerbaijan when studying the published works on the history of Aghgoyunlu. Although the authors made some use of the works of Azerbaijani historians, they did not provide the results of their research on the problem in the “Research” section. They did not use Mahmudov’s monograph “Azerbaijan Diplomacy” published in 1996, but his textbook published in 1986 as a textbook. T. Najafli’s “History of Garagoyunlu and Aghgoyunlu state modern Turkish Number 26, 2009

in historiography ”(Baku, 2000), the authors have no attitude to the monograph, although this work is directly related to the topic. While talking about the state structure of Aghgoyunlu state, the authors Sh.F. They also did not benefit from Farzaliyev’s monograph entitled “The Structure of the Azerbaijani States in the Fifteenth Century” (Baku, 2003). 3. İ.Erdem. K. Paydash did not take into account the 3rd volume of the 7-volume academic edition of the history of Azerbaijan (XIII-XVIII centuries) in the monograph. Instead, they preferred the textbook version of History of Azerbaijan, published in 1994. 4. The authors elaborate on the struggle of the Aghkoyunlular for consolidation in Azerbaijan after Uzun Hasan’s victory over the Garagoyunlu Jahanshah, in particular the victory over Teymuri Abu Said by rejecting his proposals and retaining power in Azerbaijan. Although they called one of the paragraphs of the monograph “King Hassan’s Entry into Tabriz: The Establishment of a New State and the Problem of Iraq” (p. 105), they did not have the courage to show that this newly established state, with its capital in Tabriz, was the Azerbaijani state. They passed over this issue in silence. According to I. Erdem and K. Paydash, “Uzun Hasan Bey’s unexpected victory over Cihanshah had a great impact, as a result of which the Ak-Koyunlus and Kara-Koyunlus became the neighbors of the Timurids by seizing their lands in Iran.” They forget that as a result of this victory in 1467, Uzun Hasan, as the authors first noted, “took control of power in” Azerbaijan and Iraq, the country of the Garagoyunlu “33, and then in most of the provinces of Iran. The authors also refrained from commenting on a matter of principle for us, the problem of the nationality of the Aghkoyunlular. 41

We believe that despite the shortcomings and shortcomings we have mentioned, the monograph of I. Erdem and K. Paydash should be considered as the next successful step in the field of deeper study of the political, social and cultural life of the White Sheep. LITERATURE 1. Yagub Mahmudov, Azerbaijan diplomacy, Baku, 2006, p. 6, 7. 2. Oktay Afendiev, “Kitab ‐ i Diyarbakriya” Abu Bakra Tikhrani kak istoricheskiy istochnik. “Isto‐ nikovedcheskie razskaniə”, Tbilisi, 1985, p. 112‐ 118; Shahin Mustafayev, “On the publication of Abubakr Tehran’s“ Kitabi-Diyarbakiriya ”in the Azerbaijani language”, Azerbaijan. EA News, TFHS, 1998, №1, p. 163. 3. V. Hinz, Uzun Hasan and Sheikh Junayd, The Rise of Iran as a National State in the Fifteenth Century, trans. Biyikoglu, Ankara, 1948; J. A. Boyle, “The Development of Iraq as a National State, TTK Belle‐ten, c. XXIV, number 156, ss.

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These two things: Working together on a shared work and working together to solve a related job problem has been important factors of our past success.

If you intend to make a workshop, design sprint, or other kind of cooperative meeting, you will serve you to get away from the theoretical exercises that they are working on their daily responsibilities of the participants. (eg “Let’s make a bridge from the Balsa tree!”). The more you approach the participants who think that your workshop is a place where you can earn career capital.

Now this was a great contribution to our workshop! A few months ago, our team is a true design thinker and thought leader in the field of feeling intuitives. Eva de was lucky enough to take a special presentation from Lera. Our team was inspired by his work and our product teams suggest that our workshop can include feelings intuitives to encourage the feelings to seek the emotions through expressions in customer interviews.

Since all our participants and customers will remotely connect to each other, it seemed to be the perfect time to emphasize the importance of observing non-oral communications and behaviors.

Each of our workshop groups made negotiations with real customers via Microsoft Teams. We asked our customers to instruct our customers to install their webcams for these interviews. Before the interviews, we asked them to determine a person from the workshop as “feeling grade holder”. In addition, we have added the above drawing of each group to Microsoft Onenote notebook to apply next to their notes when performing their interviews.

In each interview, the person who received the emotions was fully focused on facial expressions and non-verbal clues. Although these interviews are realized through webcams, you are very pleased to see the participants are still experiencing illuminating experiences.

A participant said he noticed that as the person taking me the feelings to me: “The customer was saying something, but it was clear that he really didn’t mean it in facial expressions. I think he was afraid to give us feedback because he didn’t want to tell us something we don’t want to hear. I think it’s really important to reassure your honest feedback on customers in future interviews. “

The research shows that people will be more clear and comfortable to learn new things when they have fun. At the same time, as I am having a facilitator, when I have fun and play things in front of me, I’m much more fun. Energy becomes dynamic and mutual.

In short, positive energy and humor play great role in my teaching style. As facilitator, my role does not look like an entertainment role. My job is to create a positive energy through courtesy and entertainment so that energy group activities and results are carried to links to their customers.

There are a lot of business people go to learn by creating a fun gap to learn, but if you are in the corporate education business, there is a challenging battle to get people in the corporate education before the corporate education.

Most of us have participated in terrible corporate education. We have experienced the monitoring experience on the screen, while we have experienced the monitoring experience, watching the speaker in a passive way, and if we are honest – you are honest to check our phones and check for compulsory training on our list.

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Der: Gül Batufl, Füsun Alver, Bilal Ar ›k, Bar› fl Çoban, Ünsal Ç ›¤. Istanbul: Su. Batufl, G. (2006). “Neil Postman”. Kadife Karanl ›k 2. Der: Gül Batufl, Füsun Alver, Bilal Ar› k, Bar ›fl Çoban, Ünsal Ç› ¤. Istanbul: Su. Burnett, R. (2007). How Do Images Think? Translation: Powerful Pusar. Istanbul: Metis. Bingel, J. (2008). An Introduction to Television Studies. 2nd Edition. New York: Routledge. Burton, G. (1995). More Than It Appears. Translation: Nefin Dinç. Istanbul: Alan. Creeber, G. (2006). Tele – Visions. An Inroduction to Studying Television. London: British Film Institute. Çelenk, S. (2005). Television, Representation, Culture. Ankara: Utopia. Ç ›¤, Ü. (2006). “George Gerbner”. Kadife Karanl ›k 2. Der: Gül Batufl, Füsun Alver, Bilal Ar› k, Bar ›fl Çoban, Ünsal Ç› ¤. Istanbul: Su Gorham, B. (1999). “Stereotypes in the Media: So What?” The Howard Journal of Communication, 10, pp. 229 – 247. Hall, S. (2005). “Coding, Coding”. Translation: Yi¤it Yavuz. Media and audience. Say: fiahinde Yavuz. Ankara: Valley. Jones, M. (2002). Social Psychology on Prejudice. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. The Hague, D. (2010). Media Studies. Translated by Ali Toprak. Istanbul: Kalkedon. Lull, J. (2001). Media Communication Culture. Translation: Nazife Güngör. Ankara: Valley. Lundby; K. And Ronning, H. (1997). “Media – Culture Communication: Interpretation of Modernity Through Media Culture”. Translated by Nilgün Gürkan. Media, Culture, Politics. Der: Süleyman ‹rvan. Ankara: Ark. Maigret, E. (2011). Media and Communication Sociology. Translated by: Halime Yüksel. ‹Stanbul: Contact. McQueen, D. (1998). Television: A Media Student’s Book. London: Arnold. Nachbar, J. and Lause, K. (1992). Popular Culture: An Introductory Text. Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press. Pickering, M. (2001). Stereotyping and Representation, New York: Palgrave.

O ‘Donnell, V. (2007). Television Criticism. California: Sage. Postman, N. (1996). The Extinction of Childhood. Ankara: ‹mge. _________. (1994). Television: Fun That Kills. ‹Stanbul: Detail. Ruppert, W. (1996). Bicycle, Cars, Television. Translation: Mustafa Tüzel. Istanbul: Kabbalah. Türko¤lu, N. (2004). Social Communication. Istanbul: Babylon. Yakt ›l O¤uz, G. (2000). “Presentation of Stereotypes Related to Gender Roles on TV”, Editing, Issue: 17, Eskiflehir: Anadolu University Press.

After completing this unit; You will be able to explain the effects of the Industrial Revolution, understand the development of the Internet, define the network society, define the concept of new media, explain the concept of social media.

New Media and New Media Researches INTRODUCTION We owe a great deal of the technological, political and intellectual developments of our era to the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was not only a formation that employs large numbers of workers in a production facility to produce large quantities, but also the concept of “network”, the basis of the internet technology we use today. This is a very important development. One of the important conditions in industrial production is mass production, mass distribution and mass consumption phenomena. To realize these cases; It is the emergence of the political economy that is necessary for the formation of consumption with the delivery of production.

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Chalfant did not go into any further details. Liana reminded her that if she calls him, it is a legal responsibility to inform the authorities. George promised Liana would definitely call her if she got there. Later that year, George went to the periodicals section of the Mather library and first found an article about this case in the magazine section of a Florida newspaper. The interview with Detective Robert Wilson, who no longer works with the Szveetgum Police Department, formed the basis of this article and was largely based on assumptions. George read this script over and over again without memorizing it. Kurt Decter’s body was found in the living room of the house on Eighth Avenue. It was the ugliest house on a street of ugly houses, Wilson said. Two detectives, Wilson and Chalfant, had come to that house with the arrest warrant of Liaia Decter in their hands. Even before they pushed the door open, they smelled a nasty smell and knew they were at a crime scene. People living in Chinkapin wouldn’t leave their doors unlocked during the day. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The body was sitting on the brown sofa in the living room. His head dropped forward, his chin rested on his chest. He was in loose shorts, his legs open, his hands hanging down to his sides. They first insisted that Decter was wearing a black tank top. but then when they saw that the straps were white, they realized that the front was covered in blood. Black flies were swollen over the body. 211 There was no need to check for a pulse. Decter’s throat was split from one end to the other. The blood not only dyed his athlete red. it had accumulated in her lap. Blood gushing from the cut artery had passed over the table and splashed onto the carpet on the floor. Neither \\ ilson nor Chalfant had seen Kurt Decter before, but they guessed the man to be in his seventies, looking at his skinny arms full of liver spots and his bald top covered in sunspots. The remote control was squeezed on the side of her hips and her feet were bare. Above the coffee table was a ceramic ashtray in the shape of a curled crocodile filled with empty beer bottles and cigarette butts and mysterious cigarette scraps. Next to this was a small sachet containing marijuana. There was a kitchen knife above the back cushion of the sofa. The two detectives inspected around the sofa, being careful not to touch anything, before the crime scene investigators arrived. INilson told the reporter that the knife standing next to the deceased looked like it had been neatly placed next to the chopped carrots in the kitchen, which made him shiver more than Kurt Decter’s severed throat. Chalfant searched the other rooms while Wilson continued his examination alongside the body. The huge TV was turned off. A powder-coated golf bag stood against the wall. There was water in a bowl on the floor, as well as cat food in another bowl. An ant line had formed between the crack in the wall and the food. Half-eaten on a plate at the dinner table

The piece of steak remained, a large housefly lifted from the lap of the corpse and landed on the piece of meat. Wilson thought, in the face of this sight, that Kurt Decter, drunk, had died happily, with a full stomach after eating an expensive steak.

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Shameless is a family-themed American television series that started airing on January 9, 2011. The drama, critically acclaimed, achieved high ratings in America. She has received awards in different categories, has been nominated for Emmy several times, and guest actor Joan Cusack won a 2015 Emmy Award for “Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series”.

Set in a suburb of Chicago; The Gallagher family, which consists of six children and a father, depicts the sometimes funny, often heart-wrenching lives. The head of the house, Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is a dishonest, alcoholic and shameless father. Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum), on the other hand, is the eldest of the siblings, the character who has taken a lot of trouble. In the series, the adventures of the family and each individual are told. It has sexuality, alcohol, drugs and similar items.

She is the father of 6 children. It cannot be said that he is very much a father. Frank is an alcoholic, selfish and narcissistic. But he can be a good person from time to time. He spends most of his time in Alibi, the bar where Kev works. The word shameless (shameless) is like it was created for him. He even reported his family once.

He is the person who takes care of 6 children. He is the guardian of his brothers. When Steve-Jimmy-Jack disappears, he begins to have an affair with his new boss. Later, he was abandoned when he cheated on his boss with his brother. While flirting with a soloist with a group in season 5, he learns that his flirtation is his lover. Then, interesting things happen and he marries Gus, another member of that group. Then he started hanging out with Sean.

Fiona’s ex. Her family is a rich and cultural family. But Steve doesn’t like to be like them – he was a car thief before and later wants to go back to medical school. That’s why he got out with Fiona. It is later revealed that he is married and his name is Jimmy. In season 5, he is seen to be Jack. Who he is and what he does is still a mystery.

He is the youngest boy in the family after Liam. He is violent and does dangerous things. Because of this, he is constantly in danger of being expelled from his school. He is fearless and rebellious. When he spent a year in the correctional center from selling drugs, he behaved like an African-American and started selling weapons.

He is the oldest boy in the family. He is very intelligent, so he takes exams on behalf of others to earn money. She’s with Karen for season one, but later starts dating Mandy. He entered MIT in the season finale. At college, he begins to be with his roommate’s beloved Amanda.

He is the oldest man in the family after Phillip. He is gay. He wants to join the American Navy, and to do so, impersonating his older brother Lip, he joins the army. Then he returns as a deserter. They were with Mickey for a while. Like her mother, Monica, she has bipolar disorder.

He is the youngest boy in the house. Quiet, calm, harmonious. Fiona survives severe trauma from her.

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The YRICA mode dial layout and transition speed are also improved.

The highly wide standard ISO 80-102400 (expandable to 40-409600 in the photo) offers Gorgeous creativity opportunities. The newly developed image sensor and image processing algorithms produce much more clear image and more natural texture than the previous α7s II model even in the pitch of pitch in the dark.

The rapid hybrid AF system produces the sensitivity with speed. 759 Focus The α7s III, which has 425 contrast detection points that are distributed to the large part of the plane-perception sensors and the large part of the image space, the α7s III is quickly followed by the square across the square.

Seamless burst up to 10 fps with AF / AE follow-up using the mechanical or electronic shutter. You can capture the decisive moments with the unintattact RAW shooting of more than 1000 squares15.

Thanks to the developments in the AF algorithm, α7s III can be automatically focused on the EV-6 to the EV-6 in which the objects can be seen with the naked eye.

The newly developed image sensor and the image processing engine offers improvements in color production and tissue depiction, especially in the skin tones in photos.

Better image quality than JPEG and higher compression efficiency, the HEIF image file format that offers 10-bit colors as well as 10-bit color is supported. High dynamic intermittent photos in HLG mode can be captured and displayed on compatible televisions.

Both card slots also support ultra-fast CFExpress Type A cards and SDXC UHS-II cards that allows you to record at high bit rate and fast buffer memory cleaning. Parallel registration and sequential record can also be made.

Multi-angle, 1.44 million point18, 3.0 Type Touch screen has the side opened design, so that it is flexible positioning and advanced visibility when mounted on the gimbal or stabilizers.

New EVF; The resolution is the best of its class in terms of contrast and color19. In addition, the world leader has 0.9x viewfinder enlargement20, 41 ° diagonal image area and 25 mm high outlook.

The structure of the menu is redesigned to reflect the feedback received by both professional photographers and videographs. The camera settings are now more intuitive and is more sensitive to the machine setting changes.

In line with the requests of our most demanding professional users, significant changes have been made in the menu structure to provide less readability and less navigation in the menu at a glance.

The menu screen can be used as touch. The playback screen provides a zoom feature by scrolling and compressing. It is also improved the availability of touch functions during shooting.

In addition to remote usage, wireless preview and more rapid and more stable data transfer in both photos and videos, 5 GHz25 Wi-Fi® connection is offered as well as 2.4 GHz.

1000Base-t Corded LAN connection can be used for interference to complex environments or high bandwidth needs. A compatible USB-Ethernet adapter cable must be connected to the camera’s USB Type-C® port.

It is possible to make wired or wireless remote shooting via the computer or mobile device with more efficient workflows and Imaging Edge Mobiletm developed for shooting possibilities.

Improve your photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications. With the “Remote” check the shot from the PC screen and watch live live, rating, rating, rating, rating, rating photos in large image archives with “Viewer” 26; Turn RAW data into high quality photos with “edit”. Get the best of Sony RAW files and manage your productions more efficient27.

Award-winning Free Editing Software Capture One Express (for SONY) 28; RAW development offers easy management and strong editing tools. Even more editing means and the device connected to the device are also available on Capture One Pro (for Sony).

Imaging Edge Webcam makes you use your Sony camera as a high-quality webcam for live streaming and video conferencing your Sony.

The α7s III designed for professionals is equipped with professional features such as high precision and large dynamic range, as well as developed AF, optical image fixing and 4k 120p31 registration. The camera hosts a new and powerful motor in the compact body, experiences visual experiences in wide variety.

Photos: ISO 80-102400 (ISO numbers expanded to ISO range from ISO 409600) Videos: ISO 80-102400 equivalent (ISO numbers with ISO 409600 can be set to ISO range.)

Sony exciting experiences that provide you with products, services and content, as well as providing services for commercial activities in the environmental activities, it also gives great importance to make an effort to make an effort for the target of zero footprints.

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Live Roulette sites play the game based on guessing the color and / or number where the ball will stop in a rotating mechanism full of numerical values, accompanied by the dealer.

Roulette takes its name from the French word small wheel. On this site, we will talk about many topics such as the most reliable roulette sites and live roulette tactics. The first roulette games were designed in France in the 18th century and spread around the world. The roulette that emerged as a result of Blaise Pascal’s motion machine research attracted great attention in casinos.

It took its place in online sites with the developing technology. The roulette wheel has numbers and columns in red and black. Participants bet on colors and numbers. Then the roulette wheel is rotated. Whichever number the wheel rests on, those who bet on that number will win. Those who open accounts to trusted roulette sites participate in roulette game lobbies after completing their investment.

What is roulette in the lobby of the live casino; It is a casino game played on a roulette wheel. It originated in the 17th century. It is preferred by many casino lovers. There are numbers between 0 and 36 on the roulette wheel. The inventor of roulette is two french brothers.

Numbers are bet on. Then the roulette wheel is spun by the participants. Whichever number the wheel rests on, those who bet on that number have a chance to win.

To participate in roulette games, customers must click the register button of the sites and open an account. No fee is charged for account opening. Then you will have the chance to log in with the username and password you have and participate in the roulette games on the live casino page.

Mobile Roulette; Through online casino sites, customers can participate in roulette games anytime, anywhere. For this, you will have the chance to use mobile phones with both IOS and Android operation.

All customers get high wins by trying roulette games on mobile. What is Roulette; It is different from many games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack. It is played on the wheel, not with a deck of 52 cards. Those who master the rules of the game will make a high profit by creating the right strategy. You have the right to easily withdraw your winnings from live casino sites. For this, it is enough to pay attention to the daily shooting limits.

Sites from foreign sources offer their customers roulette games. If you want to participate in games on foreign-sourced sites, choose the updated address. Those who access the home page from the current login address have the chance to try the roulette games. valid license preventing access to sites not closed our country in Turkey. The sites closed to access determine a new address. All customers participate in their accounts by choosing the specified address.

After the roulette sites update the domain address, there is no change in the content of the site or the information of the users. Reliable roulette sites protect members’ personal information and account information by encrypting them. Those who prefer the current last login address have the chance to participate in roulette games by accessing their accounts.

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Speaking at NTV Spor, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made important statements. Speaking about the foreign restriction, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Our clubs do whatever the law requires. What do our football clubs prepare the football player for? They are ready for the national team. Once it can be prepared, the game time must be long. The more time it takes, the more chances it will have to be a candidate for the national team. If there are no football players in our strongest teams, our chance percentage will decrease. We are trying to form a team by recruiting football players playing abroad. Brand footballers in the world spend serious amounts by making transfers in order to attract spectators. We have something similar. Let’s say agreements have been made until 2019. Since these agreements have been made, there is no need to speculate on this. After 2019, the federation should sit down and discuss with all clubs. Well, shouldn’t it be a foreign football player? The logic is wrong for one thing. They also have a lot to add to us. It will also bring movement and color to the stands, ”he said.

Calling for fair play, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Football must be one of our most important weapons for the cohesion of our people, this is called fair play. Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve this. Women’s arrival at the stadium minimizes tribune anarchy and swearing. You cannot swear comfortably there. I ask my nation to abide by the Fair-play rules. There are 3 results here. We go to the stadium to enjoy the pleasure of football, game and sports. It is important to be in this consciousness, ”he said.

Talking about the years he played football, President Erdoğan said, “My relationship with football, which started at the age of 15, and my rise in the neighborhood team was very quick. The process enabled us to get to the amateur cluster in a short time. At that time, I was in Erokspor, playing forward, I was very close to the goal. Later, they recommended me to Camialtı. At that time, everyone would watch and follow the amateur group. Especially the coaches in the 1st league would follow the Istanbul championship. The cadres of the amateur cluster appeared in the newspapers. It was an exciting process. I played in Camialtı for 7 years. I was selected for the Istanbul Amateur Mix. After 7 years, I was transferred to IETT. It was a separate opportunity then. It was both a job opportunity and a team that constantly pushed the top. I played there for 7 years. The excitement in IETT was very different. “I completed my last year in Erokspor”.

Referring to the importance of infrastructure, Erdogan said, “You will pave the way for the youth, you will give opportunities to the young,” and said, “Unfortunately, we cannot hit the target in national and local issues. Turkey’s problem, not the problem of physical spaces, Turkey surpassed it. I am also talking to my brother Hidayet. Together with the Ministry of National Education, let’s give priority to indoor sports halls and develop them. We have to do these. You will pave the way for the young, you will give the young people opportunities. I spoke with Hidayet the other day and I said, you will put crucibles between the neighborhoods. Let the young people come and shoot basketball there. We save goals much faster in the basket. Look for a Serbia, Slovenia. How did they travel that distance? Anyway, we are lacking, we need to learn and eliminate them. For example, swimming. What will our incentives be? We are talking to friends. We did what should be done with the professionals, but I believe that the main incentive should be from the amateur. When you look at the Olympics, amateur sports come to mind. We need to encourage them. We need to increase the business significantly in all branches ”.

Stating that Ankaragücü could be in the Super League again, Erdoğan said, “It was once talked about for İlhan Cavcav, this is the president who has money in his safe. Now look, Ankaragücü is not in the Super League, but Gençlerbirliği is still in the Super League. Ankaragücü is coming, he has an economic problem. If it surpasses it, Ankaragücü can take its place in the Super League next year. We are starting a stadium that suits Ankara, too. Göztepe has brought a different excitement to Izmir, ”he said.