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I love the action of going so much, I have places I want to go too. While traveling, I am acting on a restricted budget, because I am moving with a restricted budget. Go where you found a cheap ticket. Feed your love to the action of going. Separate more budgets where you want to go to two, once a year. See a place you want to go too.

In 2017, I was the most I wanted to go as in 2015 and 2016, in fact I was in Iceland, but it was very big chance, but in March 2017, I had a chance to go to Iceland to Iceland (which is the subject of another writing), I also created the motivation and budget that I want to go somewhere else to another place.

Among the places I want very much, there were several distant countries, and at the beginning of these countries, but because it is very expensive to reach Japan, for 2017, it was a dream of Japan, a very nice campaign, for 2017. And I found Tokyo tickets to TL 2,000 to the week when my full birthday.

I convinced the service (not very difficult). I bought the ticket, then a few months I’ve had this dream and then the month of August came. We had fewer than one month to go, our only plane tickets.

A sense of belonging is not from advanced people. Therefore, for 6 years, a bag in my hand, suits a top suit, a part of the country, 60 in the city, a portion of the country, a portion, a portion of very bad hotels and I always enjoyed it. In 9 years I live in Istanbul, I filled with my books and cats in 8 different house, but I have not connected to any. I think it is why I have been talking about my old company now, my old company I don’t feel very much of my own sense of belonging, I have been having coffee and have coffee. I mentioned our Japan plan. You said too. Said, he took tickets. Then the plan was included in Y. and 4 people, we were going to be in Japan after 3 weeks, but we didn’t have a detailed plan.

One evening we decided to sit together and decide which cities we want to see and to Tokyo – Osaka – Hiroshima – Kyoto – Tokyo in the form of Tokyo.

Incorrectly known about Japan Article 1: Having a costly country of Japan. In the ruth of that, I will touch the bottoms, but if I need to fix it, I would say: Not Japan, it is expensive in Japan.

Japan Rail Pass, tourists, a ticket type of rapid trains in Japan, allows the trains to all of the trains, to certain buses and ferries for free. If you wish this Passi you can get it directly from your own site, send you your tickets with UPS (you can think of what they send as a receipt). Or, you can also purchase from an authorized pass that sell these feelings about Travel in Turkey.

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