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The inspector in Zodiac, David Toschi has built an acting career full of success and appreciations in Mark Ruffalo Cinema in the world of Incredible in Benefit.

If it is recently; The only egg is that he gives life to the sisters in this Much Is True, the actor who fans me once again with the mini sequence of the drama type at the drama type, has brought the best male player award in the Candidation of the 78th Golden Globe Rewards.

The famous player is in an interview with Rachel Weisz; “Everyone who has a little time with him (or watched) everyone in love with him; Women, men, even dogs …” as a cinemasever as a cinemasever as my feelings are exactly as the translation of my feeling.

While watching a movie in him, when the scenes about him come first, it is going to come back, even when I’m thinking I never ended myself.

If the French-American actress is married in July 2000 with Sunris Coigney, the “My Queen” in his wife, and the three children with Keen, Bella Noche and Odette is a little turn to your own childhood; On 22 November 1967, in Kenosha, an industrial town of Wisconsin, this charismatic and sympathetic player to the world with Mark Alan Ruffalo is extended to Italy, France and Canada.

Hairdresser and Stylist with his mother in the city with a wrestling champion in the city, a large Italian family of his father in the patron’s father, he spent two sisters and his childhood in his childhood, his childhood and his father’s father is a member of his father and the progressive training in these rows proceeded to a giving school.

When he was a child, the Mark who experienced challenges due to the disease of dyslexia and his friends, school and its environment, has a failed childhood who is not loved throughout the whole education life.

After the father of his father’s governing the works in Wisconsin, he has graduated from First Colonial High School in Virginia.

Following his graduation again, with his family who did not go well with his family, it was then separated from San Diego and moved to Los Angeles with his brother.

MARKING his life by bartending his life for approximately ten years, he took courses at the Stella Adler Conservatory in Los Angeles in Los Angeles, and it was one of the founders of the Orpheus Theater Group, he wrote, directed and starred in this community.

Although this humble actor, which has been handed in myriad of hiring to the authority to the authority, the director of theatrical actors, is also a bright career, the history is also full of tragedies.

When their friends talk about the future goals in their future goals, their parents ask the Mark after graduation plans to Mark Although he wants to be a player who wants to be a player to his family, and continuously passes the situation.

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