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The schizophrenia is a disorder in the transmission of chemical materials in the brain and is a brain disease that emerges with some differences in the brain structure. There are periods of active (exacerbation) and passive (recovery) of the disease. Although it can be treated, many patients cannot be completely corrected. It is a situation that makes the person’s life and quality of life very difficult to communicate with the environment. Unlike the society, schizophrenic patients do not hurt their surroundings. That is, suddenly the attacker is in question.

This disease is very common in society if not a very frequent disease. There are 60-65 million in the world and more than 600,000 schizophrenia patients in our country. In other words, schizophrenia disease is seen in one of each face in the world. Usually occur between 16-25 years of age. The higher the start of the starting age, the damage to both the brain and personality is so much. This makes life even worse.

There are some wrongdogs known in the community. Schizophrenia is not a dementia. Also treating differently at different times is a normal form of behavior in every person.

At the emergence of schizophrenia, several factors are effective. The nerve cells in the brain are connected to each other. Communication with this connection is provided. For this purpose, chemicals (acetylcholine, serotonin, dopamine) is secreted from the end of the nerve cells. Having a disorder in communication with these substances in the effect of dopamin is between the causes of schizophrenia. In patients with schizophrenia, this disorder has been identified. Difference in imagination, speaking and behaviors with this disruption. In addition, Dopamine in these patients is over in some areas.

Some differences in the brain with brain imaging methods are observed. Some parts of the brain are small. The gaps in the brain are further expanded. Therefore, it is difficult for schizophrenia patients to plan, decide, solve problems. He cannot know what to talk to the opposite person.

Inheritance factors include the causes of schizophrenia. So there is a familial transition. In one of the 10 schizophrenia patients, this disease is seen in the first-degree close relatives. Research shows that more than one gene plays a role in this familial transition. A child with his mother or father schizophrenia is 10-12% of a child to be a schizophrenia.

Divided schizophrenia as the period of aggregation and improvement period. Some symptoms occur in the patient before the disease is exacerbated:

These symptoms may not be in one patient. Differential symptoms are seen in each patient. But symptoms seen in a patient are the same in the other severity of the disease. These symptoms are observed and discussed with the healthcare team and the active period of the disease is prevented by taking the necessary measures. However, there are also symptoms that are not improved or completely eliminated by the treatment. The patient is constantly visible, increasing or decreasing. Hearing self sounds, not wanting to approach people, being in awkward thoughts, being skeptical, in an exhausted and sluggish mood is among these symptoms.

Pharmaceutical use and psychotherapies are included in the treatment of the gyroscope.

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